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Social Tutoring

Social tutoring

within the project  “Guardian Angel”

 “Do not bring children sweets and TV-sets. Give them the knowledge they will take into the adulthood! “

Rostyslav Galelyuk, care home leaver

 The aim of social tutoring is upbringing of a smart, proactive and responsible child; developing independent and responsible person. Our tutors help children to acquire new knowledge and learn how to apply them in life, broaden their horizons and encourage perseverance.

 Program Objectives:

  • help vulnerable children in their study;
  • develop their intellectual abilities;
  • increase motivation and eagerness to study.

 Our objectives implementation means:

  • Assisting children with homework;
  • Preparing graduates for taking school leaving and admission tests and entering higher educational institutions;
  • Helping children to master both curriculum and extra curriculum material;
  • Application of different teaching methods and exercises; constant monitoring of progress;
  • Encouragement for positive results and each gained achievement.

Obviously, everyone dreams of a happy future, a good job and personal development … but unfortunately, not every family can afford to hire a tutor for their children to improve their knowledge. Very often children face difficulties in studying only because they lack due conditions … Therefore, we look for aware volunteers who are willing to help vulnerable children  to get a better chance for future.

If you feel passionate to share your knowledge and want to support study of the children from poor families or families at risk, do not hesitate to contact our office at (032) -276-28-28 or fill in social tutor application here. and send to us on email

 Big victories are made of small resolute actions!


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