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Our development policy objective

Our development policy objective

  • To help create local solutions which better the lives of vulnerable Children and empower them to succeed in adult life.
  • To support Care Staff and promote care methods which put “the best interest of the child” into the centre of care.
  • To help reduce the number of children deprived of parental care / social orphans which reside in various types of residential care. *
  • To assist families at risk as an active measurement of prevention and to raise public awareness to the issues and needs.

* By strengthening and supporting care leavers we intercept the negative cycle of those care leavers who do not manage their adult life, which in turn often leads to them creating the next generation of social orphans.

Ukraine –  implementation strategy

  • To provide various types of needed support programs for vulnerable children’s personal, social and educational development and to help them master challenges.
  • To coach and prepare the children before and during their transition to adult life and the working world. To assist their integration into society.
  • To facilitate workshops, trainings and experience exchanges of “best practices”, especially to staff and foster parents/families.
  • To develop local social volunteering and mentoring.
  • To raise public awareness to the needs and issue and influencing authorities & policy makers.

 Malawi –  implementation strategy

  • To provide Day Care and education to local aids orphans through “Bloomfield” and “Gemo Chichiri” centres and to facilitate education and job orientation for vulnerable needy children and youth.


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