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Our beneficiaries

Our beneficiaries

Children and young people  – living in various kind of residential care, orphans and children from families at risk.

Ukraine – Between 900 and 1100 children aged  3 to 20 years benefit from our diverse support and care programmes. The majority of these partake on a regular basis, monthly and some weekly. Additionally a further several hundred children benefit from onetime events.

Malawi – About 70 aids-orphans amongst the 200 vulnerable children of Bloomfield and Gemo Chichiri Day Care Centres receive daily care, a cooked meal,  education or after school support. A further 30 -40 receive sponsorship to be able to attend school or learn a profession.

Care staff / Foster parents

On the average 70 to 90 Care staff / foster parents benefit from our various support projects,  from seminars, round table discussions and workshops.

Our “Parenting in Action” publication disseminates professional advice,  helpful tips and shared experiences. It also acts as a platform where contacts or information re. opportunities for children or foster families is shared.


100 -120 social volunteers , most of whom are students or educated young professionals which regularly participate in our mentor or child development projects.

Future and current Social Workers as well as interested on location NGOs benefit from internships, training, workshops  and act as a multiplier to our efforts.

Organisations & firms benefit from networking or partnering in our common cause, as do some authorities. In Ukraine a growing number of firms have chosen Care in Action as their CSR partner, some of these also offer internships and job opportunities for our children from residential care.


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