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Werner and Janice Lehnis are the Cofounders of ‘Care in Action e.V.’ (Germany) and of ‘Turbota v Diji’ Ukraine. They have worked as family counsellors and have successfully raised eight of their own children. Werner is the current director of Care in Action. He has over 30 years of NGO and project management experience in the social field, mainly in Nepal, India and in Eastern Europe.

Werner: Perhaps in part it was my own rather rough childhood experiences which fuelled my idealistic desire and set me off on a search for a meaningful life, one beyond purelymaterialistic goals. As an agnostic it came as a surprise that in the end it was a sample of Christ’s philosophy in action which touched my heart deeply and made me determined to find ways to put care sensibly into meaningful action. The love and the care that we share can change lives, it enhances humanity, it lifts and empowers, can even make our own life more rich and beautiful.




Janice:“Everyone has a talent, a gift, something they can share that enriches the lives of others. It is my passion to encourage people to share their time and talents especially for the benefit of the socially disadvantaged”


Yaryna Ponizhay – STEP project coordinator, life skills coach, Turbota v Diji chairwoman. Certified trainer on psychology of trauma theme by One Hope NGO (Kyiv). Participated in many seminars, training courses and experience exchanges organized by Care in Action and other organizations.


Mariia Putilina – FSO (Family Stile Orphanages) and Foster families project coordinator.

“Acceptance, support and presence of a caring person in one’s life – this is a little secret of each and every smiling child. And the child’s path can be sown with blossoming flowers in different ways: with a word of consolation and encouragement, with an action triggered by love or with shared over a joint activity time”.


Oksana Venslavovych – “Guardian Angel” personal mentoring project coordinator. Adopting the most effective practices from Ukraine and Europe; provides training and workshops for volunteers. Actively involved in social development programs from 2013.

“I believe that the most important in life is the quality of our relationships with people. That is why, in my opinion, personal attention, sincere communicationa and friendship – is the best and the most that we can give.”


Maria Budajeva – Experienced volunteer and trusted member and teamleader of our organization since 1999. Specialised in child development programs of art therapy and project manager of our STEP Professional Orientation Programme in partnering firms.
“Sharing my heart and sparkles of love with the children from the children’s homes helps me also to be a better person and appeals to the inner desires of my soul. It really makes the life worth living.”


Olena Petrushkevych – exprienced child psychologist with many years of counseling experience, workshop facilitator and fairy tale therapy specialist. Within our organization she also assists trainings for volunteers, mentors, foster parents and children in residential care.

“You tell someone about your world and it becomes the world you have told about”


Khrystyna Katola – volunteer and “Together” project coordinator, NGO support staff. Team leader for “Together” programs in Zhovtantsi children’s home. An active member of the organization since 2011.

Bogdan Hrechyn – event manager, Job orientation program and volunteer coordinator.

(+38) 032 – 276 – 28-28;


Olena Semchuk – office manager, Sponsorship programme administrator.

 (+38) 032 – 260- 04-50;

Roksoliana Dubova – lawyer, experienced volunteer and team leader for “Together” programs in education and rehabilitation center “Dream”.

Team leaders
“Together” programme team leaders are experienced trained volunteers. Most of them acquired practical experience, participated in different training sessions by our organization as well as in conferences, seminars and experience exchanges in Ukraine and abroad on the topic of social orphancy.

Volodymyr Prokopiv. Team leader for “Together” programs in Boryslav, Drogobych and Stryi children’s homes. An active member of the organization since 2012. Librarian Taught Ukrainian language in terms of social tutoring.

Mar’iana Pokhyl’chuk. Team leader for “Together” programs in Sykhiv FSO. An active member of the organization since 2014. Received degree in English language. Librarian Taught English language in terms of social tutoring.

Liudmyla Bondarchuk. Team leader for “Together” programs in Myliytyn children’s home. An active member of the organization since June 2015. Received degree in economics.

Bohdanna Karpa. Team leader for “Together” programs in Krakovets’ children’s home. A volunteer of Lviv students’ chaplaincy we are cooperating with in terms of “Together”project. Has an experience in teaching children at Sunday school.

Vita Kolbasyns’ka. Team leader for “Together” programs in Bus’k FSO. An active member of the organization since 2014. Also is mentor within Guardian Angel project and a Ukrainian language tutor for teenagers.



UA: 00380–(0)32-276-28-28
DE: 0049–(0)89-6511-49-91
DE: 0049–(0)176-7022-8350




DE: Asamstr. 24, 81541 München, Deutschland

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