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Mission, Vision, Methods

Our Mission

Some children are born into this world severely disadvantaged. They do not have their basic needs met, have too few chances or suffer violence and abuse, some lack a caring person, mother or a supportive environment. These need help.

We support disadvantaged children and youth in Ukraine and Malawi by self help focused methods. For example, we boost their education, their socialization and prepare them for the working world so they have better chances and opportunities to get a job. We teach vital life skills, coach and assist them so they can successfully engage in society.

Our seven ongoing projects support those needing to be raised in residential care (Children’s Homes / Foster Care) or living in families at risk. Through empowering local care givers, staff and volunteers and through raising awareness we provide long term sustainable solutions.

Our vision

Primarily we help people to help themselves, because we firmly believe in the capabilities of each person, in the power of initiative, creativity and responsible action.

Werner: “Experience has taught me, that it is important to ‘give from the heart’, but also to use our head, experience and skill in order to create sensible, intelligent action. Therefore our goal is to provide care and assistance in such a way, that it eventually enables the recipients to help themselves. Only when people learn to help themselves, when they somehow can manage out of their own ability, creativity, strength and resources, only then have we done our best to truly care about them in their best interest.”

Involving local people at every step of the project and empowering the local community further adds to the sustainability of all our projects.

Who we are

People from all walks of life, from the former orphan to the engaged student, the concerned pensioner to the successful entrepreneur. While most of us are members of a variety of Christian churches, others come from different faiths or are non believers. United we do our best to enact on our common goals and vision.

Our methods

Children in residential care are supported through formal and informal teaching methods. Many of our projects interlink. We provide professional counselling and workshops, regular child development programs, coaching and personal mentoring by trained volunteers. Some receive help in the form of sponsorships. All our sustainable long term projects are focused to encourage self help.

  • Children benefit from a wide range of child development programs, mentoring and support. In Malawi aids orphans receive basic essential needs, protection and care.
  • “STEP” – our extensive life skills coaching programme for teenagers prepares them before hand and assists during – their transition from care to starting their adult and professional life.
  • Local staff as well as volunteers and Mentors receive ongoing training and access to modern tried and proven methodologies.
  • We promote and actively support Family Style models of care providing their staff / parents with support, coaching and professional assistance.
  • Transparency and good governance are corner stones of our work. Administration procedures and costs are kept to a minimum so as to concentrate efforts where it counts.
  • Our international experience exchanges promote knowledge transfer and understanding
  • We raise public awareness of the need and involve concerned local and international institutions in order to further our goals.

Children need more than food, a roof and basic education, they also need family, love and positive integration into society



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