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Mission, Vision, Approach

Some children are born into this world severely disadvantaged. They do not have their basic needs met, have too few chances or suffer violence and abuse, some lack a caring person, mother or a supportive environment. These need help.


To provide the most vulnerable of children with needed care and support throughout their life cycle. To help them overcome trauma, integrate into society and develop their potential so they are better equipped to lead independent lives.

A key to our mission is facilitating the local care staff and the community to provide long term solutions.


Bettering the lives and opportunities of vulnerable children because children need more than food, a roof and basic education, they also need family, love and positive integration into society.


We help people to help themselves, because we firmly believe in the capabilities of each person, in the power of initiative, creativity and responsible action.

  • We provide a comprehensive range of services and training programs, which together strengthens and supports the child.
  • We support and train their care staff and foster parents.
  • We involve and train volunteers and partnering firms to assist the child’s development, integration and entering the working world.
  • We work together with local community, local and national governmental bodies and with likeminded NGO’s. We raise awareness, provide ‘best practice’ models and tools of support which can be used throughout the country to improve and reshape methods and standards in the care system.



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