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Our History

Since 1996 the German NGO “Care in Action” has been active in charity work mainly in Lviv region Ukraine, Slovakia, for some time in Montenegro and Albania. In 1999 Care in Action was registered as a charity in Munich Germany. (reg. Nr. 16143)


12 Homes for Handicapped were assisted on a regular basis with material aid in the region of Komarom during 1994 -1996 Orphanages, mainly in Modra Harmonia and lately in Velky Kapusany were also supported.


During the post Balkan war several Refugee camps were regularly supported materially with German Aid transports and repeated programs to help the refugee children to overcome their trauma. Later, during 2004 and 2005, further support projects were executed in Montenegro – Podgorica Konik refugee camp, Berane and Rozdaije Roma schools, Berane and Gusinje refugee camps, and orphanages in Zelenika and Shkodra in Albania.


2 AIDS orphan day care centres, “Mantha Othandiza” in Naotcha and “Bloomfield” in Mulanji were established and / or supported financially and through “hands on” support by Jasmine Lehnis – Leitao regularly until today. AIDS orphans receive care, a cooked meal, some clothing and school materials and a basic formal education during the day time. In the night they stay and sleep with prearranged relatives, thus keeping a wider circle of relatives together. For years AIDS awareness courses were being taught by Jasmine Lehnis-Leitao in many surrounding villages.


Care in Action together with a group of Ukrainian and international volunteers has been working since 1996 to help institutionalised children, public social institutions and needy families at risk in Lviv region. Originally the work focused on four main themes:

  • Child Development Programs for children “TOGETHER”
  • Volunteer training
  • Materiel help and programs of improving living conditions in children’s institutions
  • Preventive care for children at risk from poor families in remote Carpathian areas.

Work was concentrated on the acutest situations, directly helping the needy individuals and institutions during an especially difficult time. Major orphanage overhauls, newly built or repaired bathrooms and toilets were build, furniture for class-, bed-, dinning- and playrooms were brought, new playgrounds constructed, existing ones repaired. In the orphanage in Borislav all the main buildings were repaired inside and outside and an additional kitchen annex was built.

About 70 transports of humanitarian aid were funded, organised, brought to Ukraine and distributed directly among the neediest institutions and forty-four villages in Carpathian Mountains areas and to many orphanages and children’s homes. Two hospitals of Turka district (in Turka and Borinja) received a considerable amount of hospital furniture, bedding, bathroom equipment, hospital beds. Children in orphanages and children’s homes received clothing, bedding, footwear and many thousands of toys. A number of organizations received generous assistance including: the Ukrainian Society of the Deaf (UTOG), the Red Cross of the Lviv region, the Foundation ‘Oberih” in Stryj, Good Samaritan in Lviv and the Foundation of St. Florian Lviv University.

Many SEMINARS and WORK SHOPS were held for school teachers and for Ukrainian and foreign social volunteers in L’viv district..

TOGETHER- About 400 educational interactive Child Development Programs were held in orphanages and children’s homes in L’viv and Kharkiv regions over these years.

FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE: C.A. financed a few special emergency projects:  For example, a series of operations for Petro, the eldest son of the widow Svitlana, who struggled for his life after receiving severe burns whilst saving his younger brother’s life. Construction assistance was donated to the family of M. Kurtjanyk with 11 children in the village Plavje, who lost their house and all belongings in a devastating house fire.

Development in our work

When we first arrived in Ukraine, many of the social care institutions were struggling financially with very little funds available to improve the desperate living conditions. Similarly in the villages many were living in abject poverty and barely surviving. Hence our focus at the time was providing material support and improving the living conditions for the Care institutions and for the poorest families and handicapped in the villages.

During recent years our small organization has shifted its emphasis towards creating solutions, which tackle the institutionalized children’s most serious needs of today. Sustainable long term solutions are a priority and emphasized through education and empowering various sectors of the local community to play a vital and active role in all projects.  To develop the local work a Ukrainian NGO “Турбота в дії» was founded in 2011.


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