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Comprehensive Family Camps “TOGETHER IS BETTER”


“Care in Action –Turbota v Dii” welcomes 18 entire family style orphanages and foster families from three Ukrainian regions for 4 rejuvenating happy days of summer camp!

Katia, shining with happiness: “Thank you so much to all those who made the Family camps possible!”

Teens: “This organisation is one of the best. I want more camps and events with you”.

Another: “It was the best 4 days ever. I’m very thankful to this team who worked and gave so much to all of us”

Care Parents: “The workshops for us are extremely interesting, and meetings with other foster families, who have rich experiences to share, are very valuable for us. Such camps are a big need”.

“I liked that you took into consideration the needs of the children regarding their ages. And that there was a possibility for the parents to have a break while children had wonderful activities!”

“Our daughter drastically changed – she was not afraid to interact with volunteers. She felt so joyful and happy – no more words are needed!”

What makes these comprehensive summer camps special?

They are specifically geared to the needs of all, the children in care and the brave dedicated ‘parents’, who have taken on the task to bring them up in a family environment. Our camps are some of the few in Ukraine that offer a chance for the whole family to participate. Designed to give parents a well-deserved break, plus helpful trainings and time to build friendships. To be in a family model of care is so much better than the often uncaring and impersonal orphanages which these troubled children have come from, yet these parents receive very little support. Our on-going projects and these family camps, give them the support they need and a chance to laugh and see their children happily engaged in meaningful activities.

128 parents and children, 18 families, took part in 2 four-day camps. These wonderful happy times, the real life experiences of foster parents supporting one another, the invaluable tips shared during the trainings and the confidence gained by the children and teens having fun, learning and cooperating with their peers are immeasurable.

  • Experiences which will continue to shine in their hearts and strengthen them for their future. Our heartfelt appreciation to all those

Our team and our 15 volunteers organized games and constructive activities designed to boost the children’s self- esteem and confidence. Days were packed with challenges and fun including a rope park, cycling, treasure hunts, dances, cooking and other games and learning activities and every evening a special event: Holi fests, Hawaiian parties and bubble shows – both children and adults were thrilled and had a fantastic time!

28 teenagers took part in 16 workshops

Some of the topics: Overcoming fears – ‘Don’t fear to risk on your way to your dream’; Bullying – negative peer pressure, Team-working and trust; Communication skills- blogs and videos making. Role play – understanding the role of their parents- increases appreciation.

“I wish all the best for your team. And I’m looking forward to see you next year. Love you and respect you for your work”.

“Care in Action, thank you for wonderful 4 days in the camp. Holifest ant Havaii party were amazing! I love you all and I wish to meet you soon.”

We express our sincere thanks to Care in Action (Germany), Ukraine Charity, CF “Lviv Educational Foundation” and Lviv City Hall “Service for Children’s Affairs” for the financial support of the camps! And many thanks to the experts, trainers and partners who supported the camps with donations. A big “thank you” to our tireless caring volunteers and to the interns from Life Safety University for the zillions of hours and warmth of their hearts dedicated to the children!

We are extremely grateful! With your help skills and talents were developed, 30 care-parents learned parenting skills and had a chance to recharge their strained batteries by having a break from 24/7 caring for children. Together is much Better!

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