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What people say

What FSO / Fosterfamily’s say

This kind of help with meetings and training sessions is a big need. When you take care of a big family you often face emotional exhaustion and such meetings fill you in with optimism, new energy and confidence. I am very thankful to Care in Action and wish you all inspiration, patience and success in your blessed work. – Oksana Podobins’ka, Zavada FSO, Mostys’kyi region


 I have enjoyed and learned a lot. I could feel that I am not alone and there are the other parents like me. The experience of the foreign friends was impressive for me. It is very important for the children to see a good example in their parents.  I also was able to have a much needed break in my free time. Thank you. – Anonymous


 What I really liked about the camp is the opportunity to stay with the children outside the house in a beautiful place, to participate in training sessions and also for children to communicate with youth setting a good example for them. – Oksana Holiavka, Sykhiv FSO


I want to say thank you for organizing the newly formed Teen club. Our children were very happy and enthusiastic after the meeting! Well done! Furthermore I’m very glad they decided to volunteer in your organization. Thank you! – Mariya Sakvuk, foster family mother.

Reaction about Together programs

Not so long ago I was thinking that there is a big shortage of love in modern society. But love within me was overwhelming and I wanted to share it with those who were lacking it. Searching for such a possibility I found Care in Action. And since then my life has changed…

I met many wonderful volunteers, filled with enormous enthusiasm and a huge desire to change the world for the better. Eternal faith in goodness is reflected into their eyes. And now I know where this flame comes from – from children! They can change your inner world as no one else. They are good teachers. They taught me friendship, mutual help, organization and creativity. They taught me to find a way out of the most unexpected situations. And what is the most important, I learned not to give up. I am very thankful for being a part of this big family in which care about others is really put into action!

Olena Trendiuk, volunteer

Reaction about “Talents in Action”, May

“Both children and adults alike are thrilled. Two kids with Down syndrome, enjoyed baking so much that now they are dreaming of becoming cooks. The boys are still discussing softball and the girls are teaching newly learned hip hop moves to the other children. We are very thankful for the festival. Adults gained useful experience and the children had new exciting opportunities. Both were charged with positive emotions. We wish you to have more new creative ideas! Let God bless your work!” – Krakovets’ Children’s Home

Tymkiv Rostyslav Bogdanovych, The Department for Children of Lviv City Council:

“The cooperation between German non-governmental organization Care in Action and the Department for Children of the Department for Humanitarian Policy of Lviv City Council has developed since 2014.

During this time the volunteers of Care in Action have held a wide range of events and avtivities atFSOs both in Lviv and outside the city for foster parents, orphans, children deprived of parental care and other disadvantaged children.

The representatives of Care in Action conduct efficient trainings and seminars aimed at improving children’s life skills, teaching professional parenting methods applied to specified categories of children.

In the above mentioned activities and events there are always involved both as parents as children. Meanwhilechildren spend their leisure time with volunteers of the Care in Action, the parents can benefit from having some time fee form their children and gain additional knowledge. In addition, there always envisaged joint activities for parents and children aiming at establishing more trusting relationship.

The Department for Children of the Department for Humanitarian Policy of Lviv City Council is high interested in further cooperation with the organization Care in Action in the field of social protection of orphans and children deprived of parental care through carrying out comprehensive activities for foster parents and their foster children as well as for the families at risk”.


Students of Social Work doing their internship at Care in Action FSO Family Camps

 “The camp filled me up with a huge portion of positive emotions. I felt myself a child again. In my opinion this is a wonderful and rewarding vacation for kids. I learned how to communicate with children better and felt embraced with their sincere emotions (which adults use very rarely nowadays). Also I learned a bunch of useful tips from the volunteers: I saw them in practice, how they use different pedagogical approaches in order to interest children and the way they behave themselves to make children listen to them. Another important point I have to highlight is that we should not let children manipulate us.

For me as a future social worker the camp opened new issues which are not taught at the university. Thus, I think students should undergo this kind of practices on a regular basis. It would be great if we could have such lectures in order to get acquainted with practical activities. I wish to become a volunteer and get involved in all the care activities at orphanages.” – Vika


The camp is unforgettable. I got new very important life experience – working with children. In my age group there were children both obedient and mischievous, who were far from easy manageable, although I succeeded to make them interested in our activities. Also in my group there was a handicapped child but to my surprise I was able to cope with the responsibilities that had been entrusted to me.

I am very grateful to the organizers of this camp, especially because they deal with FSO families, they organize their leisure time (and regular parenting and teenage workshops and life skills training ).  Indeed, you are doing great job and perhaps most important and biggest reward for all of us is to see the smiling faces of our children. These 5 days turned to be critical in my life as now I am truly convinced I have made a proper choice of profession.” – Anonymous


“I am enormously pleased that I had the opportunity to have my internship at your camp. I was overwhelmed with emotions because here I have gained a lot of experience, knowledge and skills. I also made so many new friends. I enjoyed the event very much. And in the future I want to continue cooperation with you in this area. Volunteering is one of my priority goals for the future. I realized that children are a great source of knowledge, experience and life. The atmosphere was just incredible. What is important is that the children were leaving the camp with a smile on their face and it pleases me the most.

Being here, I realized, maybe for a second only, but it seemed to me that someone’s health or mood to some extent depended on me as well. Responsibility was the first thing I was taught by the camp. It was very pleasant fact that our team leaders trusted us and in difficult situations they endeavored to support us. This gave inspiration and self-confidence. I learned so many new and useful things about working with children that I could not even think of before. The camp helped others see the world, in a fresh new way, through his/her own heart.

I hope that our cooperation will continue. I would be happy to help your organization when needed. I will use and develop in full the opportunity you have given to me. Thank you for this great chance.” – Viktor Kachmaryk


“I am amazed how much attention is paid to children and their well being and I am also impressed by the extend the children open to volunteers and tell their personal life stories. I also want to thank for giving us the opportunity to spend much time with children and to apply our theoretical knowledge in practice. The way the organization treats children and volunteers was immensely appealing to me.” – Anonymous


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