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What children say

Reactions about FSO camp 2017:

“Mom, we are going to Paradise…”- my daughter Sophia exclaimed, as we were about to enter the venue of the camp,  – and it is not only about the conditions but it’s also about the camps program. It fills you up with good emotions, information, impressions”, Maria Sakvuk, foster mom.

“I have received useful information for myself and for my work with children. Now it is very clear for me what aspects of the secure base model I have to develop in my situation more…”, – FSO mother.

“I am always looking forward to attending your interesting seminar and workshops which help to solve problems. Also I am very happy to see and talk to other foster families because we all built more friendly relationships here – like one big family. Everyone has their own experience and there is always something to be learned from others”, – Svitlana, foster mother.

“I love this camp very much. I feel cosy here. Care in Action helped me to find more friends. Thanks to the activities and workshops in our group I can now more easily meet new people and cultivate friendships.”  Maria Mokryk, 13.

“We had great time at the camp, made new friends, spent wonderful 4 days. I liked that we had the quest, accomplished the rope park, and played football. This camp is a cool idea to spend time with volunteers and parents”.   Dima, 13

“I wanted to meet you since a while and this week I had such an opportunity. Thanks a lot to all the volunteers, organizer and other people who make it real. You are a very cool organization. Keep at it!”, – anonymous teenager.

Malawi children appreciation letters to their Sponsors 


I would like to write the letter in order to thanks you for your Sponsorship that changed my life.

In my life I could not manage to pay school because I am orphan and I live with my grandparents who are old and they cannot afford to assist me in needs. So I want to thank you for your love that you shows upon me. This will encourage me to work hard in order to excel in life.

When I heard that I have been taken by you, I was very gladfull because I knew that my life will change with your support. Indeed I believe that you have brought me from Egypt into the Promised Land.

Your assistance will kept help me to put effort and work hard in my education. In addition for that thank you for the needs that you sent for me.

Francis John, aged 17




My name is Veronica Kadewere, I learn at Chimwankhunda Community Day Secondary School and I am in form 1. I write this to thank you about what you did to me. You have done many things for me that my parents can’t afford to do for me. At Chimwankhunda Secondary School we learn so many subjects and from this subject I like History, Mathematics, Biology, Bible knowledge, Physics and Agriculture. There also subjects that are difficult for me, some of these are English, Social studies and Chemistry. I try to work hard so that I can do very well in this subjects.

There are many songs I like but I like gospel songs of Grace Chingo, James Phiri, Great Angels and many more. There are also many food I have like beans and rice with meat. So with Care in Action and you I can have this all now. So God would add you more apart from what you have. In Malawi there is a climate change which leads to famine and flood this flood destroy many things and lives of people, many houses collapse many people drown away by the water.

Veronica Kadewere, aged 15


I write this letter to thank you for the Support which you give to me. Being an orphan without both parents and my own relatives ignore me I was nowhere to go for support even my performance was poor. I was so miserable being a young lady but now my life is so good that I have everything that I want like school materials and food. I am always grateful for your support. I can take breakfast when going to school and have lunch when come back.

Lastly I promise to improve my performance because I was not doing well in class but now I can work hard. So that my future will be bright and I will be able to take care of myself. May God bless you abundantly!

Doren Kaliza, aged 14


Reactions from the teens about FSO camp:

“Thank you for supporting me while I was going through the rope park. I was ready to give up, but your presence and support helped me to believe in myself so I managed it!   I felt like it’s my father standing there for me… And honestly speaking you were like a father for me during this camp… Thank you!”


“I’m glad I met such people as you all are. It helped me to start believing that real and sincere friendship exists! I have started looking at this world from the other, better perspective of view, now it seems to me a much better place that I had thought”.


“Thank you for this time full of unforgettable moments and thank you for the emotions! Despite it was a short time – but very useful for us I feel!”


Reactions to the STEP project

“As for me, there is a real need for preparation for independent life. Because in my institution and in school, they did everything and decided everything for us. But now where I have left, I need to decide and deal with all issues and matters all by myself”.

Vira Perevertnyuk,  Chervonograd,Ukraine.

“In my opinion, it is necessary to conduct STEP program classes. They can help us to understand and to solve some of our problems.”

SvitlanaPryshljak, 11th grade, Children’s home №2 in L’viv

“Thanks! You (the coach) are the best friend I have ever met and you are one, which can help me…”

Ira, 11th grade

“I have realized that we have to move  forward on the right track and work hard on ourselves. The main task is to have a heart and other things will  somewhow develop in life. I am inspired by your true team spirit. Well done (Volunteers)! You’ve done good job and lots of efforts to make us interested”

Vasyl, 17, Chervonograd children’s home

Reactions to the TOGETHER project

“I loved when you  came; it was the best thing that happened all week. I would wait for you and  kept asking when you would come again. Most of all, I liked when we had art projects. I remember when we made polymer clay rings in the form of roses, I still have this ring”.

Ira, Care leaver from Jovtansi Orphanage



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