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Talents in Action, October 2016

Talent in action, May, 2016

Step to the Future – practicum at the Lvivtex textile company.

Summer camp for Family style orphanages 2016

Lviv Regional State Administration (Office of Children’s Service) about the camp for FSOs and foster families:

Foster children and FSO families participated in summer camp


Between 6 and 10 of June German NGO “Care in Action” organizes free recreation at a summer camp for the children from foster families and foster style orphanages. It was stated by Volodymyr Lys, the chief of the Office of Children’s Service of Lviv Regional Administration

About 130 children from care homes, foster style orphanages and foster families from Lviv region as well as their foster parents and caregivers had opportunity to take part in a wide range of informative, fun and educative activities organized by the members of the organization and their active volunteers. In addition, in the territory of Bukhta Vikingiv hotel complex the camp participants enjoyed their leisure time riding bikes, challenging themselves on rope park, playing football and volleyball and riding horses.

It is worth mentioning that the Office of Children’s Service cooperates with NGO “Care in Action” in the implementation of several other projects, namely social development project “TOGETHER”, one to one mentoring “Guardian Angel”, project STEP and also in assisting and supporting risk families, foster families and FSOs. (For more details use the link

Lviv newspaper Independence/Незалежність published an article about our “Guardian Angel” mentoring project:


Newspaper Starnberg Mai 2016 Kreisbote

Newspaper Starnberg Mai 2016 Kreisbote

“Talents in Action”, 2016

STEP. Professional orientation program for teenagers from Chervonograd children’s home at Sika footwear company

Christmas program, Care in Action – Part 1

Christmas program, Care in Action – Part 2




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