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July – September 2016


After the summer holiday child development programs have been resumed. And in September our volunteers visited are institutions in Novyi Myliatyn, Stryi and Briukhovychi and also a family risk in Ugers’ko. Together with children they did hand-made, in particular, on the occasion of Teacher’s Day, played board games and went for a walk. During each program using play and common activities the volunteers bring the children’s attention to human values, share their knowledge and experience.

***************** VOLUNTEERING*****************

Care in Action Summer Experience Exchange 2016

Care in Action Experience Exchange 2016 in Marktredwitz has been an outstanding opportunity for its 4 volunteers and 2 employees. All 6 participants underwent 3- or 4-week long internship assisting in KiTa Kinderbruecke in looking after the kids. During this time they have acquired valuable practical child care skills. In addition, various other experiences such as evenings with local families, excursions to German organizations, interacting with church communities and other let us learn about the culture firsthand. And, of course, this stay was a great chance for exploring and sightseeing.

“From the first day we managed to get along with the kids. This is to a large extent the teachers’ merit as thanks to their professionalism, support and help it was easy to do.”

Training session for new volunteers

 This school year has started with a training session for new volunteers. We have got introduced with the state child care system and its influence on a child’s personality; discussed the main needs of orphans and children deprived of parental care; found out more on the ways of meaningful and effective interaction with a child in care. The participants of the session were able to define a suitable for them way to help, in particular, by sharing their time, talent or knowledge during child development programs or by becoming a tutor or a mentor.

Team Leaders aren’t afraid of height

Our Team Leaders strengthened their team spirit at the climbing walls facility “Buchta” on the 22nd of September. The volunteers were to have trust towards each other and to believe in themselves and some also to fail in a couple of attempts before conquering the wall. It was a wonderful experience which, besides bringing a lot of joy, helped us to enhance mutual trust, to boost confidence in ourselves and to get some inspiration. “Do not judge me by my successes, judge me by how many times I fell down and got back up again.”

*****************GUARDIAN ANGEL*****************

 One more training for future Mentors

Three days of intense emotions, different discoveries and new knowledge. In an atmosphere of respect the participants struggled with prejudices and high expectations, broke stereotypes and did their best to feel the needs of others and learning how to listen actively.

We hope this experience will help future mentors to build up warm friendship with children.

Our deepest gratitude to the coach Nadia Kondratiuk for sharing her valuable experience and time spent with us!

 Sharing experience in Ivano-Frankivsk

In September our team has also conducted training for members of six NGOs that have gathered to introduce a mentoring project in the Carpathian region. This is a unique case where young people from different organisations decided to devote their free time for the common goal of helping children in care. We were happy to help by sharing experience of running the mentoring project in Lviv and at the same time were inspired by enthusiasm of the participants. Wishing good luck to our colleagues and expecting exciting collaboration!


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