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Eco action with children from Bruchovychi children’s home


“Why do I have to clean if I haven’t littered here?” asked the children from Bruchovychi residential care home when together with our volunteers and their teachers they were involved to show in action their concern for the environment.

The aim of the event was not just to collect the garbage. Our team tried to convey to the children the very significance of being a concerned citizen who takes care of the environment around and understands that it tasks everyone’s power to make this world a little better place (at least cleaner one).

We were so pleased to see that while cleaning the territory we raised children’s awareness and got them inspired.

More details in video clips.

Our great thanks for the help and support to our volunteers and photographer Ivanna Sobko. Also we express our sincere gratitude to company Tropic for fruits provision and company AVE for contributing cleaning props as well as to the journalists of TV company Lviv, especially to Vasyl Mytsko. Additionally, we are grateful for financial support to Lviv Educational Foundations and Ukrainian Catholic Foundation and our German sister NGO “Care in Action” as well.

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