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Christmas programs, December 2016


A warm tradition to gladly meet pre-Christmas time in a joyful company of children has been kept! In December 2016 «Care in Action – Турбота в дії» held 12 Christmas programs for children in care and children from families at risk of Lviv and Lviv region.

This year the programs included professional and amateurish theatre performances, vocal and instrumental musical performances, pieces of classical music, clowns’ skits, dances, funny competitions and watching New Year short videos teaching such human values as love and kindness.

“I played a role in the skit “The Kingdom”, which I had been rehearsing together with the other teens. Thanks to these rehearsals we became closer as friends and we learned how to cooperate. And the performance itself was a good chance to show our talents”, – Tania, 15 (FSO).

“We really needed something like this program. Thank you so much”. – foster mom Natalia whose family we invited for the first time.

We are greatly thankful to all our sponsors, partners and volunteers who helped to create this small Christmas miracle for the children!

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