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English Camp for Foster Families and Family Style Orphanages


“Time To…”

2-day English Camp for Foster Families and Family Style Orphanages

When: 30.09.17 – 01.10.17

Who: family style orphanages and foster families – 60 participants

Where: Lviv, Ukraine


How one can help himself? There are plenty of ways and the truth is that everyone needs to find his own one. Still there are a couple of universal things that bring nothing else but value and self-worth to each and every – and one of these things is the knowledge of English. It’s time to get down to it!

“Time To…” aims to encourage learning English among children in care in particular those living at foster families and family style orphanages of Lviv and Lviv region. The idea inspired by numerous requests from foster parents and parents-educators to help to inspire their children to learn English and it will be dedicated to European Day of Languages.

“Time To…”  will encourage its participants to learn English which nowadays creates bridges of communication with the whole world and which is a big plus to have on your CV.

The camp will include diversity of nationalities, interactive engaging activities and inspirational speeches. The participants will be getting eager to master English while:

  • communicating with their peers;
  • personal stories of how command of English has changed ones’ lives;
  • learning more about other countries from locals during intercultural time (presenting countries, cooking together and sharing experiences)
  • age and level-appropriate interactive English learning activities;
  • and more…


Almost 100 000 children in Ukraine are placed into institutional care. As of 01.09.2016 there are 663 care institutions. Most of them were created under the Soviet Union and have proven to be incapable of preparing children to independent life. As a result majority of care leavers encounter one or few of the following problems: being unemployed, turn to crime, early pregnancy, alcohol or drug addiction, being homeless, suicide attempt. As a rule, these children have major gaps in social, emotional, physical and academic development. These gaps push them towards the margins of society. And these gaps can be filled by proper care that could be given only by a family or an alternative family-type model.

There are about 4000 foster families (FFs) and around 900 family style orphanages (FSOs) in Ukraine including 98 FFs and 35 FSOs in Lviv region. Their number is currently increasing especially in terms of national policy of deinstitualization. Care in Action supports and encourages these forms of placement as they create much better environment for the children’s development than old-type care institution when staying in a biological family is not possible. Taking care of kids and teenagers with tough backgrounds entails many challenges for foster parents and parents-educators. To cope with them they need ongoing support.

Project Objectives

  • to encourage the participants to learn English;
  • to foster academic development of the foster children;
  • to empower foster children to get better education and employability opportunities
  • to increase intercultural understanding

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